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Characteristics of aluminum alloy floor mats ?Maintenance of Aluminum Alloy Floor Mat?

Publisher: Administrator Release Time: 2018-12-11

Modular floor mat is a kind of modular unit interlocking floor mat. The interlocking design can make floor at extending larger areas. 

      In order to be suitable for large area. The modular mat is designed to square shape. The side of the module mat has a concavity and convex interlocking structure which makes the modular mat easier to be expanded.


     We have two types of Modular Mat. One is only modular layer without additional layer. The general surface and bottom surface of this modular are designed for concavity and convex texture. And some are hollowed-out. It not only can scrape and remove dust and skid, but also can collect scraped dust and effectively drain water.

      The other type of modular mat has not only a modular layer but also an additional layer. For example, a nylon 66 brush is inserted into a circular surface or a variety of carpets are embedded in grooves on the surface of the modular layer. The dust removal of this type mat is more powerful and the effect is also better.

Modular mat is a great choice for large flow area .

       The modular floor mat is generally placed at the entrance of a door with a large flow of people or a longer service time and a more polluted entrance. Its block type combination structure and the surface of a staggered layer makes this product have excellent scraping, dust removal, and skid prevention functions. At the same time, the modular mat also has beautiful and generous visual effects. It is a good choice for shopping malls, supermarkets, subway and airport, schools and hospitals entrances.

Modular Mat --- Easy Installation

       Another advantage of a modular mat is easy installation. It is simple as building block due to the interlocking connection.An ordinary person who has no experience in installation and no need for professional  installation training can install 20 square blocks of floor mats a day.

Cleaning and maintenance of modular floor mats

      Professional cleaning and maintenance of the modular mat can effectively prolong the service life of the product and maintain its beautiful appearance effect for a long time. The frequency of cleaning the mats depends on the actual pedestrian flow and dirt type of the product. Proper and regular cleaning maintenance is necessary. Prolong the service life of the product by reducing the wear of dust on the fiber. By reducing the possibility of repeatedly bringing dirt from the modular floor mat into the room, the cleaning effect of the floor mat is more obvious! Regular and timely cleaning and maintenance can effectively maintain the floor mat beautiful as the new appearance image, thus continuously improve the goodwill and image of property buildings!

      (1) When the material is cleaned, it can be washed with vacuum cleaner or water. Use high pressure water pipes, preferably at temperatures below 40 ℃. Use neutral detergents instead of acid and alkaline detergents, as they speed up the ageing of the mats. 

      (2) In case of stubborn stains, use mild detergent and brush to wipe.

      (3) Neutral cleaning agent and carpet cleaning machine are recommended every week to clean deep dirt on carpet surface.

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