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Characteristics of aluminum alloy floor mats ?Maintenance of Aluminum Alloy Floor Mat?

Publisher: Administrator Release Time: 2018-12-11

      Aluminum alloy floor mat is a kind of aluminum frame floor mat with different kinds of infill materials. Aluminum alloy frame adopts anodized aluminum alloy 6060-T6 material. The thickness is 1.0mm-2mm. Aluminum alloy floor mat can bear rolling load 1500kg-4000kg/wheel  without deformation . The frame is very strong , not easy to deform.

     The base material under aluminum alloy frame is EVA foam cotton which meets the requirements of environmental protection. It has the advantages of good dampproof and heat insulation, buffering, chemical corrosion resistance, shock absorption and so on. And it has the characteristics of  no water absorption and no toxicity.

     There are three kinds of connection way for aluminum alloy floor mats: rubber, interlocking and  non-embroidered steel wire rope that is three kinds of connection modes: rubber connection, interlocking connection and steel rope connection. Due to the inconvenient  installation of the interlocking connection, now we are recommending only two types of connection: rubber connection and steel rope connection.

     The infill materials of aluminum alloy floor mat mainly include: A rubber strip, B plate brush, C fine hair brush, D metal scraper strip, E carpet  (Belgian VEBE, MMI, polypropylene, etc.). These infill materials can be used separately or in combination way.

      Aluminum alloy floor mat originated in Europe in the middle of last century as a new type of hall dust removal mat. It was introduced into China at the end of 1980s. At first it was laid at the entrance of various high-grade places. Compared with the traditional carpet, this kind of floor mat has incomparable advantages in dust removal effect. With the progress of people's consciousness, it has been widely known and applied in the design and application of architectural  decoration  industry.

Characteristics of aluminum alloy floor mats

      Aluminum alloy floor mat has advantages of anti-slip performance, dust removal, flame-retardant, anti-aging, high temperature resistance, reuse and so on. The space between the aluminum alloy strips is 4mm which can prevent high heels from embedding and collect dust effectively. It is an ideal drain water , dust control and anti-skid floor mat. 

     Aluminum alloy floor mat is strong and resistant to load and deformation. So it can be used in large flow area. Aluminum alloy floor mat can be customized and installed according to the customer requirements. The floor mat products in accordance with the national standard have good compressive resistance and easy cleaning.

     Aluminum-alloy floor mat is close to the ground. Not easy to slide. So as to achieve a safe and comfortable effect. 

     Aluminum alloy floor mat has good dust removal and anti-skid function. The combination and collocation of multiple infill materials can prolong the life of the floor mat and play a double dusting effect. The different colors design determine a beautiful decoration performance of the mat. The combination of different infill material also avoids the friction between the sand and the ground and protects the surface smoothness of the ground stone. The damaged infill material can be replaced separately  thus reducing the maintenance cost.

Aluminum Mat Recessed  Installation

      1.Prior to installation, should make an accurate recessed groove in floor in accordance with the mat size. The allowance erro is ± 2mm.

      2.When install floor mat, the bottom of the groove should be leveled out with cement and the floor mat should be placed in the groove after the cement is completely solidified. The aluminum alloy decorative edging frame should be arranged around the groove according to the need.

On ground installation

Lay the floor mat on ground directly. 

Maintenance of Aluminum Alloy Floor Mat

       1. Apply a special vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the Carpet (recommended daily). 

       2. Slowly roll up (or remove) the mat from the recess (or ground) and remove dirt from the groove (or on the ground). (recommended regular removal) 

       3.When cleaning the mat surface, it is recommended to use high pressure water gun to clean the dirt and sand thoroughly. 

Cleaning of aluminum alloy floor mats

(1) Recommended daily use of vacuum cleaners (recommended roll type vacuum cleaners) to maintain appearance cleanliness and decontamination. 

(2) When EVA or polyethylene is cleaned, only water hose is needed. 

(3) It is recommended to clean the deep dirt of carpet surface with neutral cleaning agent and carpet cleaning machine every week. 

(4) In case of stubborn stains, use mild detergent and brush to wipe. 

(5) Carpets and rubber may be replaced separately if worn.

(6) it is recommended that 2 sets of floor mats can be used interchangeably that can prolong service life.

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