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The door sole cleans artifacts to keep the floor spotless

Publisher: Administrator Release Time: 2018-12-06

This door sole cleaning artifact, energy saving, environmental protection, simple and convenient, so that your home is spotless.

Now let's talk about this patchwork mat, blanket surface high strength coarse fiber + fine fiber mixing structure, stable and beautiful color, high color fastness, dirt resistance and not easy to discolor. High strength nylon is anti-ultraviolet ageing. Cutting velvet spacer arrangement has super effect of sand scraping and dust removal, blanket surface does not lodge, wear-resistant and durable. Thick PVC anti-skid bottom, adhere to the ground without sliding, soft and not easy to break, anti-static, anti-corrosion, no odor.

This spliced floor mat is widely used in various business environments and high traffic areas, such as hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, airports, apartments, schools, hospitals, enterprises and other types of entrances and exits. In snowy and rainy weather, this sand-scraping and dust-removing mattress effectively blocks sand and dust outside the door and keeps your room spotless. The floor mat is a product which can effectively scrape dust and absorb water and dirt at the entrance, and keep the indoor ground clean and safe. The mattress laid at the entrance and exit of pollution sources is a 24-hour non-stop cleaning guard, relentlessly adsorbing and receiving all the dirt and dust passing through the surface of the mattress, thus ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the indoor floor. More and more people are aware of the role of the mattress in the protection of the ground, so that they can lay the mattress at home. However, the mattress that should be laid in different areas is also different. With this artifact, Xiaobian believes that you and your family will never quarrel about mopping the ground again. When you come back from work, your home is always clean and beautiful. Easy to clean: Ultrafine fibers adsorb dirt between fibers (rather than inside the fibers), and the fibers have high size and density, so they have strong adsorptive capacity. After use, they can be cleaned with clean water or a little detergent.

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